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Dolphin World Makadi is the largest and most successful Dolpinarium on Egypt. Opened in 2010, our troupe of marine mammals - Sea Lion, Seals, Walrus and of course Dolphins - are lovingly cared for and trained by marine animal specialist trainers in ways that showcase their staggering intelligence and sense of playfulness.
The complex is designed for the animals' comfort and care in mind, as well as a platform for them to happily perform shows that will delight and amaze you.
The Dolphin World Show is one of the Red Sea's most popular and must-see attractions and unique to Dolphin World Makadi. The perfect trip for fun-filled family entertainment!

Get ready to be welcomed by the smart and beautiful smiles of SABRINA, FIONA, GERASIM and Friends!

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Dolphin world Show

Our trained and gifted group marine mammals under the skilled auspices of their trainers have prepared an unforgettable program full of surprises and breath-taking discoveries. The fur seals Smelaya and Agate, the walrus Leela, the sea lion Dimas and the dolphins Sabrina Fiona and Gerasim will enthrall and amaze you with their fun-filled and super-smart activities!

These endearing actors and actresses of the sea will give you experiences to cherish long after you have returned home!