Nefertari Pharaonic Boat
123 Guests
36 m Length
SeaScope window
Pharaonic theme

Nefertari Taste the glories of Ancient Egypt

The NEFERTARI is a spectacular floating replica of an ancient Egyptian Temple or Tomb. The first and only of it's kind on the Red Sea, now you can explore the exotic natural undersea wonders of the the coral reefs while marveling at the glories of Ancient Egypt.

Three decks of fun! The main (museum) deck is lavishly decorated in the style of an Ancient Egyptian Temple or Tomb complete with stunning replicas of Tutankhamun's Treasures and copies of famous scenes and hieroglyphics found on Pharaonic Temples.
The spacious upper deck is surrounded by temple columns and topped by a "Star Roof".
The lower deck is a large air conditioned observation deck 4 meters below the surface of the sea - the SeaScope.

Trip includes 45-60 minutes in the Seascope deck, 45-60 minutes guided snorkeling, and a delicious set menu meal of sea food or chicken, plus the chance to dress up as a Pharaonic prince or princess in authentic costumes.

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Nefertari Also SeaScope

Descend 4 meters below the sea to the undersea observation deck to view the Coral Reef community - Underwater Without Getting Wet!