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Elite Vip Cruise Hurghada

85 $ / Человек

Обзор опыта

The brand new ELITE VIP Cruise Boats offer you the chance to explore the extraordinary scenery of the Red Sea coast whilst enjoying numerous benefits built into your day: The ELITE VIP Boats are quite simply the most luxurious day trip boats on the Red Sea.

 From the open, spacious sun deck filled with sun loungers, to the shaded comfortable seats of the mid-deck and two sumptuously fitted out air-conditioned salon/dining decks, the ELITE VIP boats are 4 floors of pampering, relaxation, and space.
The cleanest, best-maintained, and professionally crewed boats.

 Waiter service for unlimited hot and soft drinks throughout the day - straight to your sunspot!
 ELITE VIP Chefs practice the highest standards of on-board hygiene, and always use the finest, market-fresh ingredients for our menus: soups, salads, and sides; BBQ chicken and Egyptian kofta; succulent freshly cooked shrimp and fish. All prepared while you have fun – an on board banquet that outshines the rest.

Three stops at some of the finest snorkeling sites in the Red Sea, showcase the very best of the stunning coral reefs and marine life teeming just below the surface. Our expert snorkeling guides will accompany you at all times, ensuring both your safety and your maximum enjoyment, as they know where to take you. Life jackets are available for the less-confident and access to the sea is via a low platform at the back of the boat. All abilities will be able to get up close and personal with the stunning corals and exotic marine life. Even if the guide has to attach you to a life buoy and pull you!

Every trip is different, as the vivid kaleidoscope of life here changes constantly, and making it impossible to predict what will be where – sea horses, octopuses, hundreds of species of exotically colored fish ranging in size from the virtually microscopic to bigger than a human, turtles, manta rays, dolphins - the list is literally endless……… But what is guaranteed is that you will explore a landscape of color and a richness of life that has few equals anywhere else in the world, in waters that seldom dip below 20C even in winter.

Our Program:

  • Departing from the marina at 9:00 am, cruising for 1 hour, and then stopping for snorkeling at one of the best spots for the coral reef in the Red Sea with our expert Snorkeling guides that will ensure your safety & enjoyment. 
  • Move to the north and try to spot dolphins "If Possible", then stop for a second guided snorkeling tour.
  • Open buffet lunch on the boat ( Soups - Salads - Sides: BBQ chicken & Egyptian kofta OR delicious grilled Shrimps & oven-baked fish ).
  • Arriving at the marina at 3:30 pm

We promise you:

The best market-fresh ingredients for our menu 
The highest standards of hygiene are from our VIP Cruise Chefs.

Our Elite VIP trip is every day from 9:00 Am to 3:30 Pm.

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Расписание поездок

Суббота :9:00 AM до 3:00 PM
Воскресенье : 9:00 AM до 3:00 PM
Понедельник : 9:00 AM до 3:00 PM
Вторник:  9:00 AM до 3:00 PM
Среда:  9:00 AM до 3:00 PM
Четверг:  9:00 AM до 3:00 PM
Пятница:  9:00 AM до 3:00 PM


Для животных Валюта Действительно для
Взрослый $ 45 € 45 Подходит для одного взрослого
ребёнкаChild $ 22.5 € 22.5 Дети 5-10 лет
Трансфер (Optional) $ 5 € 5 Трансфер из отеля в Марину и обратно

Что включено

  • Шведский стол (обед)
  • Безалкогольные напитки
  • Спасательный жилет
  • Снаряжение для подводного плавания
  • Руководство по сноркелингу
  • Wifi
  • Фотосессия (по желанию)
  • Обед
  • Руководство по дайвингу

Что не включено

  • Передача
  • Плата за национальный парк

Что взять с собой

  • удостоверение личности или паспорт
  • Полотенца

Расположение лодки

Хургада – курортный город, протянувшийся примерно на 40 км вдоль побережья Красного моря в Египте. Он известен подводным плаванием с аквалангом и имеет множество магазинов и школ для дайвинга.